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Supply Chain Track & Trace

With our affordable cloud-based, real-time asset and inventory solution for inside the warehouse and even in the field.

We use two physical components on our solution to provide inputs to our cloud-based monitoring, alerting, and reporting services.

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Cloud-Based Alerting

Cloud-Based Reporting Services

It's All About Optimization

Track & Trace

Product traceability is important to many industries as products move about the global supply chain. Fellow provides true end to end traceability solutions with real-time alerts to inform you when things go wrong so you can prevent downstream problems from affecting your ultimate customers.

Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is awash in data and Fellow's machine learning expertise makes sense of patterns in the data by using advanced techniques to find hidden nuggets in your data and routing actions to the associate who can react to problems as they are identified - preventing a small problem from becoming a big problem.

crates moving in warehouse

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking takes place throughout the entire supply chain. It starts from the source of production and moves to multiple points in transportation and warehousing. Tracking assets from end-to-end provides visibility and traceability between the point of origin and the end user. They leverage a host of sensors which range from GPS sensors to autonomous mobile RFID readers. They even leverage robots equipped with computer vision to increase visibility in the supply chain. Maintain manufacturing efficiency by using machine learning to interpret the vast amount of data coming from your IoT.

The Fellow Asset Tracking System

The Fellow Asset Tracking System integrates big data collected from your IoT to improve visibility within your supply chain. We are uniquely positioned to apply our tailored suite of tools to assist your supply chain optimization. Use our customized A.I. to remotely monitor your supply chain. And deploy our autonomous moving robots to provide detailed insight into your asset investments on the factory floor. We have the expertise for generating data insights and consistent data collection from your Industry 4.0 and IOT devices.

Asset Tagging

Fellow Dog tags are rechargeable beacon devices that send out location information accurate to within 10cm to its geospatial 3D coordinates

Asset Tracking

Fellow Informant is a receiver, monitor, and router powered by either battery or Ethernet cable to consolidate and route telemetry to Fellow’s cloud-based services