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Cloud-based Inventory Management and Supply Chain Solutions

Fellow Robots brings the power of AI, Computer Vision, Robotics and IoT to revolutionize Inventory management and Supply chain


Data Collection Products

FellowInsights TM

Powering all of our data collection products is our cloud services layer.  FellowInsights TM collects and imports all Fellow device data, processes it and integrates it to ERP and cloud data sources.

FellowInsights TM is an AI-powered deep learning toolset that looks for patterns in data and builds dashboards for visual analysis and work assignments for associates to correct problems discovered by our product offering.

FellowInsights TMintegrates with Business Intelligence tools Microsoft Power BI and Tableau for dashboard development and provides a mobile responsive environment for work assignment as well as routing to task management, SMS and email.


Supply Chain Automation in Retail

FellowInsights TM

Our video shows how Fellow approaches the problem of mapping a store environment, scanning the store each day and providing actionable information to store associates. This video gives a look at FellowInsights in practice.

Auditing Automation

Humans are not good at repetitive audit tasks like identifying out of stocks and pricing errors - see how our solution eliminates these tasks and allows managers to manage staff, interact with customers and not to be taskmasters.


Buy online pick up in the store is easier with an optimized pick path that allows the newest employee to select orders quickly.

Learn about Fellow in Action

Interior Layout Rendering

Accurate Location annotation and Mapping of facilities in 3D and 2D floorplans. We map out building interiors as built multilayered drawings of floorplans and 3D visualizations. These renderings cover everything from electrical wiring and fixtures to plumbing lines.

Asset & Warehouse Management

Asset and Warehouse Management of logistics and physical assets. We track and trace the movement of inventory or assets through the supply chain, or facility. Our solutions have the ability to Geofence and provide alerts when items are in the wrong place.

Inventory Management

We use advanced computer vision and RFID to facilitate in-store scanning of product stock levels and retail pricing. This provides accurate location information for both customers and associates and is integrated into cloud-based data sources.

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NAVii v2 Improves Retail Services Levels

Fellow Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its next-generation version of Navii. Using the power of onboard Nvidia processing, Fellow has been able to fully port it’s out of stock detection software from the cloud environment initially used for all machine learning to the Navii robot unit that does image collection in…

Retail Inventory Management System from Fellow

What does an effective retail inventory management system look like in 2019? Founded in 2011, Fellow, Inc,  has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies since its early years. Through creative problem solving, we have opened new markets through the development of cutting-edge technology in AI, Robotics, Computer Vision, and IoT.

Product Traceability using the IoT

You’ve started to deploy the Internet of things, IoT, solutions within your supply chain. But are you tracking the finished products you manufactured? What is your line of sight? If your product develops issues are you able to recall information about when and where the item was manufactured? Are you tracking the components that you…

Equipping your Supply Chain with IoT Powered Machine Learning

Does your supply chain team have enough time to detect, asses, and execute actionable items? Supply chain planners need an increased capacity for shorter response times. But how can you do that? For starters, you may want to incorporate IoT devices within your optimization process. By doing so, you’ll equip supply chain planners with the…

Supply Chain Optimization in 2019

Three Objectives for Supply Chain Optimization in 2019 New growth and competition in the supply chain industry are being driven by a phenomenon noted as “The Amazon Effect.” Industry pace is quickening. Companies are aiming to meet customers’ high demands and immediate expectations. And corporate objections demand three things. The first is reduced costs. The…

Retail Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Retail

How Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing the Retail Supply Chain When a customer visits a retail location, they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of the store. Nor do they realize the true science behind stocking the shelves and ordering products. Let’s be honest for a minute, optimizing the retail supply chain can…

Improving Customer Service

At Fellow Robots, we know the future of retail is here. And we also know that the future is fine with leaving your business behind. Since the year 2015, 57 retailers have gone bankrupt. And consumer retailer M&A convergence and consolidation deals in the last three years have topped one trillion US dollars! This is…

The future of retail includes Machine Learning

At Fellow Robots, we know the future of retail is here. and we are active partners in reimagining and revolutionizing retail. And we know that the future has no issue in leaving your business behind. Since 2015, 57 retailers have gone bankrupt. And consumer retailer M&A convergence and consolidation deals in the last three years…

Where Are Your Products?

Let’s picture a scenario, shall we? It’s a few weeks before holiday stress settles in. You’re already stressed about work projects and deadlines. You have 34 Post-It notes on your desk with tasks you need to compete. A glance at your calendar reminds you of the band concerts, church performances, and dance shows your kids are…

Robots in Retail: RFID Scanning Systems

Fellow Robots believes the future of retail is here. And we are helping to invent it! We have combined RFID with computer vision in order to track inventory across multiple product types. This includes clothing, consumer electronics, and sporting goods. With the new technologies, Navii can now capture even more detailed data and insight. We’re…