Manage your inventory with AI, Computer Vision and Robotics.

Optimizing profitability through never-before-seen insights into your inventory. 

Our Solutions integrate with existing Infrastructure and Legacy Systems

Store Inventory Actions

ReStore drives inventory restocking, price changes, and planogram corrections to store associates and tracks their performance.

View Stores in your Portal

StoreView allows corporate and field operators and merchants to view inventory conditions in their stores.

Inventory Profitability Insights

Discover what is hampering your stores from achieving your desired profit targets.

As seen at


LoweBot is able to assist with inventory monitoring in real-time,

which helps detect patterns that might guide future business decisions.


Customers can also ask questions about a product,

with the artificial intelligence (AI) engine running in the cloud providing the answer.

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Incredible Inventory Managment Robotics Numbers

More than 500 + miles  Incident Free

Inventory Management using Robotics results in many trips through our customer's stores while scanning for Price errors, out of stocks and planogram errors

More than 11,300 +  Planogram Errors Found

Optimizing profitability includes searching our customer's stores for planogram accuracy.

More than 530 + Empty Spots per Day

Inventory out of stocks where the product is on hand in the backroom stand in the way of retail profitability.

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