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The future of retail includes Machine Learning

revolutionizing retail using machine learn gin and artificial intelligence

At Fellow Robots, we know the future of retail is here. and we are active partners in reimagining and revolutionizing retail. And we know that the future has no issue in leaving your business behind. Since 2015, 57 retailers have gone bankrupt. And consumer retailer M&A convergence and consolidation deals in the last three years have topped one trillion US dollars! Fellow has made the simple promise to work with our customers wherever they may be in their process. We execute their big ideas and make them a reality. We focus on executives that want to improve their overall supply chain management. We aim to eliminate the impact of out of stocks and pricing errors. This helps to greatly improve customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our retail solutions optimize performance with the speed and scalability of robotics. And are tailored to help you reach the world in which consumers have perfect knowledge of your inventory in stock positions. Our Retail Inventory Control Software solution is a number of things. It is an integrated in-store automated data collection. A retailer enterprise system data feed. And an advanced cloud-based analytics system that uses Microsoft Azure Cloud. This software solution controls both inventory sales and profits for retailers. It provides the next generation of tools to audit inventory levels. Not to mention identifies out of stocks and pricing errors in a virtual environment. Together, these create a good customer service experience and satisfaction.

Empowering the retail workforce

Empower your workforce with inventory management tools that bring the cloud to their fingertips! Our cloud-based machine learning technology processes data collected from our robotic platforms for each store. Our robotic-driven inventory management system scans for out of stock detection and price discrepancy alerts. From there, work assignments are provided to storefront employees to correct errors and restock shelves in an optimized restocking process. Our technology also analyzes and reports on insights to corporate, district, and store level management. Not to mention our data metrics can be sorted by date for each department, store, or region.

Revolutionizing Retail Intelligence

Insightful analysis is provided through customized reporting tools and cloud applications catered to individual needs. Our detailed mapping systems allow you to view your operating environments in virtual reality. This assists in real-world merchandising, product placement, and planogram compliance. Using these incredible maps, our autonomous navigation allows for safe and reliable scanning to cover large stores across multiple locations.

Reimagining retail Customer Service

Customer needs can be predicted by using AI to combine and analyze data collected by our robotic customer service platform. Customer support searches are analyzed for regional interests. And our AI predictive analytics integrates weather forecast and shopper demographics with inventory reporting to anticipate customer demand.

Are you ready to get started driving the revolution in retail?

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