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Fellow Restore is a smartphone-based application that provides actionable information to store associates to restock items that are empty,

fix price errors and on shelf labels.

Eliminating Price Errors on the Shelf

Price Verification

Navii, our in-store robot scans each store every day and looks for prices errors where the price on the shelf does not match the price in the price file for the point of sale register.

  • Ensure shelf label matches the POS
    • Information from Labels
    • Price - Description
    • SKU – UPC - EAN
  • Optimization or work assignments to the employees by:
    • Product Location
    • Prioritization: Velocity, Severity …
  • Associate Resolves the Issue and the action is logged
    • Time to start
    • Time to finish
    • Data input - Tag changed to price file updated, comments - out of stock in back room etc

Improving on shelf availibility


Out of Stocks

Empty spots on your sheld are driving your customers crazy.  Many customers today take out their smartphones and find where they can get the product you are out of at a store close by. Restore helps eliminate out of stocks which improves on-shelf availability thus improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales and profits.

  • Scan Daily / Multiple Times Daily
  • Prioritize items to be fixed by
    • Velocity
    • High Profit
  • A search function allows employees to find items and locations by
    • UPC- SKU
    • Product Name
  • Location - we optimize the path to get to the item because ReStore knows where the exact item is located in the store and can logically route the employees to restock in a logical way
    • Aisle
    • Image
  • Associate Resolves the Issue
  • Corrective Action is Logged so employee performance can be evaluated

“Utilizing Fellow Robots has made a large impact in
the two test stores and we look forward to rolling out more of these customer-friendly and
business-efficient beverage assistants throughout the chain.”

Dimitri Haloulos, CEO of BevMo!