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Meet WatchDog, the latest initiative from Fellow is to combine the IoT and our machine learning for protection of expensive assets in manufacturing facilities. Fellow WatchDog is our affordable cloud-based, real-time asset and inventory solution

How Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets?

Inside or Outside: You're Covered

Fellow WatchDog is an Industry 4.0 traceability ecosystem that combines smart devices and portable mid-range tracking devices to constantly monitor and track assets and/or inventory in warehouses or factory environments. Assets that are high value and high theft can be tagged and tracked.  For example, having a geofence in place at the exits of the hospital allows items like wheelchairs to be monitored and prevented from being put into an outgoing patients truck. Combining a camera solution at the exits provides proof of theft of the assets. Real-time monitoring of the location of assets like portable dialysis machines, X-ray, defibrillators, portable beds (with or without the patient) can be monitored and tracked throughout the facility.

Inside: Beacons and Routers

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Outside: SMS Monitoring


Fellow WatchDog Features

The various Fellow WatchDog components are processed by the Microsoft Azure cloud-based  Fellow Fusion and intelligently routed to the proper Microsoft Power BI Business Dashboard or alerts are sent to the work queue of choice (integration add-ons - SMS - task management etc)


Beacon: Fellow DogTag

  • Fellow DogTag is a rechargeable beacon device that sends out location information accurate to within 10cm to its geospatial 3D coordinates. The DogTag is a small inexpensive block that attaches to a pallet, asset, or movable device. Can send locations in the field through SMS when out of range of Fellow InFormant.


Monitor & Router: Fellow InFormant

Fellow InFormant is a receiver, monitor, and router powered by either battery or Ethernet cable to consolidate and route telemetry to Fellow’s cloud-based services. Fellow InFormant is a small, easy to use device that can identify where assets are located within a Three-kilometer line of sight range outdoors.


Software Solution: Fellow Fusion

Fellow Fusion is a cloud-based, machine learning solution to apply business rules to real-time monitoring and reporting. Fellow Fusion provides a dashboard map of a room, showing tag movement. Concentration on Azure Server with alert routing, SMS, and workflow systems.

Pallet Track and Trace

In our retail end to end solution each trailer, warehouse and store receiving area have Fellow InFormant monitors. All pallets used have a Fellow DogTag asset tag. As pallets of merchandise are built for shipment to the store in the warehouse the distribution system links the Fellow DogTag to the finished pallet. The same system can be used for individual high priced and high theft articles.


The pallet is then traced to the trailer, monitored in transit, and logged into the store as it is received providing end to end tracking and real-time alerts if the merchandise is delivered to the wrong location.

Real-Time Reporting

All information is presented for review and summarization in the Fellow Fusion dashboard. Fellow Fusion is a cloud-based, machine learning solution to apply business rules to real-time monitoring and reporting. As the product is in transit, the trailer based and GPS enabled tractor sends telemetrics to Fellow Fusion and monitor against expected route and timing is audited. Employees are able to immediately track product action through Fusion software on iPads and iPhones.


The SMS Solution

Vendors breathe easier knowing their assets are where they should be. The SMS solution alerts the owner of the devices if they are removed from where they are supposed to be.


The Fellow WatchDog Difference:

  • No set-up - Monitor installation automatically connects to the IoT
  • Real-time updates through two facets - constant surveillance via interior monitors and exterior SMS
  • Geofence can be set up for perimeter security
  • Inexpensive and durable devices 
  • No need for static and often times confusing RFID

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