Meet Shepherd, an improved location mapping and productivity solution created through Fellow’s computer vision and machine learning expertise


Fellow Shepherd is a mapping and auditing platform that is manually driven by an operator to collect a highly accurate 3D map of the interior of a building such as a retailer, hospital, office complex or warehouse. Fellow Shepherd utilizes state of the art precise mapping technology, sophisticated data analysis, machine learning, and rendering of precise interior layouts. This 3D blueprint is an as-built, precise display of the interior area scanned, which is reformatted as a 2D line annotated drawing that can be devised to best manage your many business locations as "as-built" configurations.

Shepherd Specifications

Shepherd Provides

Our portable mapping device is easy to transport between locations and provides:

  • Easy to maneuver and safe to use for the operator who will not tire from holding a handheld device and carrying other collection tools
  • iPad driven data collection and integration to location barcode scanning for data collection
  • Advanced computer vision generated three d mapping
  • Onboard computer for on location processing of information and staging of data from the transmission to the cloud
  • Network connectivity options for Wi-Fi or direct connect
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Software Capabilities


3D Precise Representations

Fellow technology and software solutions produce an accurate mapping of exact item locations, racks, loading docks, doors, and conveyors. This 3D blueprint is an as-built, precise display of the warehouse interior in its entirety. Businesses are able to optimize the efficiency of the process of capturing detailed mappings of locations and showing all of the items and fixtures at each location.


2D As-Built Drawings

3D maps become 2D red-line or as-built drawings. These drawing documents allow a compare and contrast to provide insight through a detailed blueprint. These include modifications, field changes, shop drawing changes, design changes, and extra works, showing you an exact layout of each location with multi-layer capability for electrical, plumbing, networking, and other individual layers.


Accurate Annotation

 Fellow Shepherd includes innovative ways to map your facilities in detail and add predefined templated items. The process allows you the capacity for more customer productivity and many different layers of details.  Customized measurements are a snap and the ability to also collect information while on site like the category of items assigned to each location makes data entry both efficient and easy to use.

The Shepherd Advantage

• 50% time savings over a manual measurement 

• Limited data entry for customized floor plan generation

• No need for entry of measurements - the software generates highly accurate renditions 

• Provides a gateway for the use of Fellow Robots Navii for inventory price and out of stock audits and planogram creation in retail settings or traceability offerings in warehouses

• Able to record notes via both keyboard or voice headset during walk process

• Ability to scan the location for more captured details like products on a section of shelving in a supermarket, or an alarm panel location

Distinguishing Features

• Easy to transport mapping device that can be moved from one location to another in a car and operated by one person

• iPad driven data entry for easy control and data collection customized by the customer for indicating sections of shelving or warehouse slotting assignments

• Optional bar code scanner for scanning retail products for system generated category tags

• Progress indication for scan collection of the 3D map of the environment

• Automatic generation of a clean 2D view of the floorplan collected

• Templates of shapes and objects for user added components

• Easy to use cloud-based annotation for adding measurements, notes, recordings, and annotations to the 2d map of the 3D capture

• 2D blueprint is cleaned if any digital noise using Fellow AI technology


Real-World Example: Warehouse Accuracy

Fellow's Shepherd solution maps your factories and warehouses down to every detail. From each conveyor, storage bin, cardboard compactor, and flammable, you will know where all your assets are in real time. Businesses are able to optimize the efficiency of inventory management, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on other priorities.