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Revolutionizing Retail: Inventory Management

Mapping. Scanning. Reporting. Learning.


Using Nvidia technology power and artificial intelligence, Fellow Inc.'s machine learning processes thousands of retail images to draw insights about:

Out of Stocks • Price Discrepancies • Misplaced Items • Planogram Compliance •
Product Location Information • Production Identification • Product Recognition

Supply Chain Expectations are Changing

The retail supply chain is changing. It’s growing more complex as the market expands. The supply chain must accommodate changes in consumer behavior, motivated by the growth of online retailers, consumer demand for customization, and the growth of mobile sales. This complex system is known as omnichannel distribution. Customers expect they can place orders anywhere and anytime, and due to an effective inventory management system, the orders can be filled almost immediately. If a retailer can’t meet this expectation, then the customer will go to the store that can.

Smart retailers are looking for solutions. Simply reducing the lead time for orders and finding new suppliers are not enough. The customer-focused end-to-end supply chain competitive retailers are rolling out require flexibility and synchronization. Technology like retail machine learning can help retailers overcome these challenges. Designed to manage complex systems, it provides the flexibility that retailers need. It’s helping businesses find success even as market demands and customer expectations increase.


Robots Operating in Retail Today

• Deployed multiple robots per store for Inventory Capturing

• Daily Stock-outs, Price, and Planogram scans (by analyzing images)

• Platform Integrated with handheld devices for store employees and managers

• Daily digitization of the store

• BOPIS order fulfillment

Learnings from Retailers

   Finding Out-of-Stocks

We can confirm that the different retailers we have worked with or talked to have verified that 10% of items in most stores are out of stock and that managers spend many hours a week auditing these – we do it every day.

Price Discrepancies

Fellow robots scan inventory to identify and correct all price discrepancies daily. This greatly improves customer satisfaction and they are no longer held up when checking out, providing them with a more enjoyable experience.

BOPIS Enablement

Fellow's creative solutions provide actionable data and accurate product information. This valuable data is delivered to employees through Fellow Apps, optimizing BOPIS fulfillment time by 35%.

Fellow Operating in Retailer’s Summary

Images Already Processed
Out-of-Stocks detected by Fellow
Miles Traveled by Robots During Business Hours

Creating Actionable Data
Where You Need It • When You Need It

  • Accurate product information is delivered to employees
    through Fellow apps
  • Accurate product information is delivered to customers
    through retailer apps
  • Direct even the newest employees to pick up each
    customer order efficiently

The Fellow Process:

Store Mapping • Daily Inventory Scanning • Machine Learning & Cloud Services • Information Delivery • Exception Reporting

Our Fellow Alliance Partners

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