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NAVii v2 Improves Retail Services Levels

The next generation of Fellow Inc.'s Navii is available now! Improve your retail service levels with increased on-shelf availability!

Fellow Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its next-generation version of Navii. Using the power of onboard Nvidia processing, Fellow has been able to fully port it’s out of stock detection software from the cloud environment initially used for all machine learning to the Navii robot unit that does image collection in retail environments. The new software and hardware are currently in production with existing customers of the solution. Improve your retail service levels, customer satisfaction, and on-shelf availability with Fellow’s innovative technology!

Near Real-Time Processing of Out-of-Stocks



The advantage of immediately processing inventory information using Navii is the availability of out of stocks while the robot is processing the store. The out-of-stocks detected are sent to handheld devices for in-store restocking of the store to improve on-shelf availability. This makes the Fellow solution a must for retailers like supermarkets and mass merchants. These types of businesses need to be able to scan their stores for out-of-stocks during the day. With that information, they can then immediately send restocking information to store associates.



Supermarkets and mass merchants need to be able to scan their stores for out-of-stocks during the day and immediately restocking information to store associates.


The Fellow handheld app provides a picture of the item to be restocked. The app also shows the exact location of the out-of-stock. This allows for prioritized and path optimized work assignments. And in turn, will optimize the results achieved by the store associates in their impact on top line sales and profit.


Check the Work of Retail Service Associates

Retailers and retail services of today face problems staffing their stores with qualified associates. In addition to the assistance provided by the work assignments, NAVii can now be used to check the work that was performed by the associate to validate that the items were actually restocked.


NAVii can now be used to check the work that was performed by the associate.



Advanced Cloud-Based Analytics

NAVii continues to upload data daily to the FellowInsights application for detection of items that are miss placed (spreads and plugs). As well as the quality assurance and continued training of the machine learning that I performed both in the cloud and on the robot.

Each day’s data continues to be present in the Virtual view provided by StoreView of the most current view of the conditions of the store.


Customer Controlled Scanning Schedules

Customers of Fellow’s NAVii can select sections to be rescanned during the day. Or they can choose to allow the robot to act as a greeter or mobile customer service virtual associate.


Customer and Retail Service

Unlike our competition which seems to be searching for spills, Fellow’s NAVii provides a second generation voice search capability. And also provides mobile marketing services to help retail services increase customer engagement.  Recent studies have shown that younger consumers especially prefer to ask technology for assistance. NAVii is aware of where every item is located in the sections of the stores scanned.

Interested in Improving Your On-Shelf Availability?

As we have reported in our blogs in the past on-shelf availability is important to retailers.  For a quick overview meeting with Fellow, please contact us and schedule your virtual briefing in a 30-minute online session.

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