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Our robot, NAVii scans the entire store every day and we collect high definition images of products, prices, and placement

Robots in Retail - our processes and features

Mapping the retail revolution starts with our 3d store map creation

Store map for retail stores

The Fellows retail inventory management solution begins with our Navii robot scanning the store to produce a store map of the exact specifications of the entire store including the location of all shelving units, cash register stands, special displays, wall, freezer units, and doors and windows.


The retail Industry struggles to manage planogram compliance in its many stores. Using the store map we collect the exact location of all the shelves in the store for all desired sections of the store and create "realogram" views of each section that can be compared to the specified planogram for those sections.

Inventory Scanning

Each day our retail inventory control solution begins by scanning shelves in the entire sales area of the retailer. This daily process uses machine learning, computer vision and AI to Determine out-of-stocks, price discrepancies, and misplaced items.

Navii frees managers to manage

With our automated review system in place, managers are able to assist employees, assist customers and improve the efficiency of the workforce in each store.

Retail Inventory Control Software

By using Navii to scan aisles in the store and FellowInsights to process the data each day, employees can be directed to solve priority problems. This gives the retailer a directed management system for employee actions.


Employee Action

Our process for inventory control in the sore includes the use of handheld devices to direct employees actions in three key areas that are designed to improve the customer experience.

Price Error Correction

Each day all price errors where the shelf tag does not meet the point of sale price are flagged for in-store correction.

On-shell Availability

Out of stocks at the shelf are prioritized according to the retailer's rules for restocking for all items where the stock is in place in the sore.  Retailers can choose to restock by promotional items, gross margin or sales volume.

BOPIS Fulfillment

Buy online and pick up in the store is key for retailers today.  Customers expect that their orders are processed in an hour or less.  Using our knowledge of the location of every item in the store and the optimal picking route we enable even brand new employees to select a customer's online order quickly and efficiently.

Navii Specifications and Features

Navii - our friendly in-store robot:

  • 60 inches tall - designed to fit into the retail store and interact with customers and associates
  • 3 High-resolution Data Capture Cameras
    • Covers from floor to 96 inches
  • Speech Recognition - multiple languages
  • Dual facing high-resolution monitors
  • Verbal Response
  • Autonomous Navigation system designed to avoid customers and other obstacles
  • 8 to 10 hours of battery life
  • 4-hour recharge

Customer Experience:

  • Product information can be displayed for customers
  • Exact product location for the specific store that the robot is located in to ensure the customer can find the product
  • Branding and naming specific to the customer like Oshbot and Bevbot
  • Advertisements promoting products
  • Loyalty program
three quarter robot

"The LoweBot solves and serves our common cold problems"

―Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe's Innovation Labs