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FellowInsights provides configurable exception based drill-down views of key inventory KPI's summarized by region, store and district for loss prevention, merchandising and operations management to optimize gross profit margin and provide inventory control.

Take Control of your Gross Profit Margin

Price Errors Analysis

Configurable Reporting

Out of Stock Analysis


Price Errors Analysis

The FellowInsights Price Errors Analysis tool provides an impact analysis of the cost of the price errors and especially the impact on gross profit margin.  This allows district levels managers and their supervisors to determine what stores in their areas of control are not performing adequately and where they need to focus attention to prevent the continual loss of profit.

Configurable Reporting

All FellowInsights reporting is user customizable using the powerful Microsoft Power BI toolset which allows you to analyze your data and gain even more insights by using drill down and drill up in your report’s visuals. Power BI reports allow multiple hierarchies of data to allow maximum insight.

  • Price Discrepancies:
    • Price from Shelf Labels
    • Price from store price file
    • Impact - to profit and sales
  • Rolled up:
    • Department
    • Store
  • Reported by locations with multiple days of issues

Out of Stocks Analysis

Similar to Price errors, out of stocks need to be reviewed for loss potential.  Using Power BI, the user of each operation can rapidly drill down or up to the cause of the lost gross profit margin in the manager's span of control.  He or she can then reach out to touch the problem manager directly and solve problems before they cause major losses.

  • Impact Analysis
    • Lost Gross Sales
    • Lost Gross Profit Margin
  • Data Sources
    • NAVii
    • POS movement file
    • Inventory - store
    • Inventory DC
    • Customer Orders
  • Location rollups
    • Region - District
    • Store Types
    • Department