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Meet FellowAuditTM , a full-service 3D mapping and surveying unit that accurately counts and locates passive RFID tags


FellowAuditTM is a mapping and auditing platform that is manually transported by an operator to collect a highly accurate 3D map of the interior of a building such as a retailer, warehouse or factory complex. FellowAuditTM utilizes state of the art precise mapping technology, sophisticated data analysis, machine learning, and location capture using passive RFID tags. 

FellowAuditTM Specifications

FellowAuditTM   Provides

Our mobile RFID scanning device is easy to transport between locations and provides:

  • Easy to maneuver and safe to use for the operator who will not tire from holding a handheld device and carrying other collection tools
  • iPad driven data collection and integration to location barcode scanning for data collection
  • Advanced computer vision generated three d mapping
  • Onboard computer for on location processing of information and staging of data from the transmission to the cloud
  • Network connectivity options for Wi-Fi or direct connect

Fellow Audit Capabilities


3D + 2D Mapping

Fellow technology and software solutions produce an accurate mapping of exact item locations, racks, loading docks, doors, and conveyors. This 3D blueprint is an as-built, precise display of the warehouse interior in its entirety. 2D views are extracted and used for placement of assets or products.


RFID MIcro Location

By reading a passive RFID tag and applying machine learning Fellow Audit can accurately place a passive RFID tag within 30 cm of its location and count it one time.


Analytics and visualization

 Like all Fellow data collection products, Fellow Audit includes advanced cloud-based analytics and visualization software.

The FellowAuditTM Advantage

• 50% time savings over a manual measurement 

• Limited data entry for customized floor plan generation

• No need for entry of measurements - the software generates highly accurate renditions 

• Provides a gateway for the use of Fellow Robots Navii for inventory price and out of stock audits and planogram creation in retail settings or traceability offerings in warehouses

• Able to record notes via both keyboard or voice headset during walk process

• Ability to scan the location for more captured details like products on a section of shelving in a supermarket, or an alarm panel location

Distinguishing Features

• Easy to transport mapping device that can be moved from one location to another in a car and operated by one person

• iPad driven data entry for easy control and data collection customized by the customer for indicating sections of shelving or warehouse slotting assignments

• Progress indication for scan collection of the 3d map of the environment

• Automatic generation of a clean 2d view of the floorplan collected

• Easy to use cloud-based annotation for adding measurements, notes, recordings, and annotations to the 2d map of the 3d capture

• 2D blueprint is cleaned if any digital noise using Fellow AI technology

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