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Customer Service for Retailers

customer service

Talk to retailers today, especially supermarket retailers and big-box retailers. They are likely to talk to you about “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS), click and connect and delivery.  A few years ago, it was self-checkout and kiosks. Is this what customer service for retailers means?  Finding new technology to provide services to ever demanding consumers?

IGD research on online grocery sales in the US for the next five years predicts that the sales will more than double from 23.9 billion in 2018 to 59.5 billion in 2023 and that market share will increase from 1.6% to 3.5%.  If that is the case, then non-online grocery sales will account for over 95% of the sales in 2023.  So where should retailers be focusing their attention when it comes to customer service?

Embracing the Future of Customer Service

Embracing new tech is going to be more important than ever for retail stores, especially for customer service. But modernizing requires much more than just an investment. It’s going to require so much more. Strategic thinking will be the reason a company thrives or becomes irrelevant. And we mean strategic thinking across the entire organization. Store layouts. Backend systems. Organizational structure. And even front-line associates, and whether those associates are even human.

And while staying current offers real benefits, there are significant challenges that have been holding retailers back. This includes:

  • Determining what specific technology solutions will align with their overall business objectives to achieve the desired ROI
  • Lowering IT spending while still being innovative and enhancing the customer experience
  • Device Management: Identifying, evaluating, and purchasing equipment can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish

Where does Intelligent Automation Technology Come into Play?

Nothing is more frustrating than losing customers. Especially from in-store technology failure. Not only are you losing customers, but also productivity and revenue. There is an extreme pressure to promise your customers an outstanding experience each and every time they purchase from you. And with the rate of technological advancement, they also expect that outstanding experience to be instantaneous.

customer service

Fellow Solutions

Fellow Robots has created a technology solution specifically built for the customer experience. But as a bonus, also improves efficiency. Navii, our in-store robot prevents technology from becoming a roadblock to your customer experience. With this solution in place, your associates avoid routine and repetitive inventory audit functions. This means they can focus their attention on store performance and the customer experience.

Price Verification 

Navii, our in-store robot, scans each store every day. It looks for pricing errors where the price on the shelf does not match the price file for the point of sale register. Navii ensures the shelf label matches the POS. And then the Fellow Insights cloud platform optimizes work assignments to the employees and routes it to ReStore. As a result, the associate can resolve the issue quickly improving customer service.

Out of Stocks

How many times have you been frustrated when the item you wanted was out of stock? Those empty spots can drive customers crazy. Mobile use while shopping has skyrocketed as customers use their phones to see where products are in stock nearby. Our Restore solution helps to eliminate out of stocks. This results in improved on-shelf availability. This improves customer service and overall customer satisfaction. Not to mention an increase in sales and profits!

Customer Service Enabling

Consider this real-life example from one of our associates.  He went into a big box store looking for a specific type of commodity item.  He asked three associates where this type of item was. And he got THREE different answers! None of them were right.

He then went to the MyRetailer app to search for that type of item. He found a picture of it and learned there were eight on hand in the store. Frustrated, he showed the picture of the item to the same three associates. He told them that the directions they just gave him were wrong and that this is the item he is looking for. The in-store associates were still unable to help. As a result, he ordered the product online from Amazon. It was delivered to his home two days later with free shipping for less money than it sold for at the retailer he was in.

What is Wrong with this from a Customer Service Perspective?

Well, the MyRetailer app should know where in the store the item should be. But the fact is that planogram accuracy in retailers is typically about 50%. Then add in the fact they have a number of low-quality employees. A robot might be a better solution to collect the accurate location data and accurate map of the store. Not to mention, it can route the exact data your “MyRetailer” app.

Fellow Combines Robots and AI in Retail

order fulfillment

At Fellow, we take it one step further.  We combine the use of Navii, our instore Robot and data feeds from the retailers legacy systems, combine both with our AI engine and we provide actionable information to the store manager and rolled up prioritized reporting for field and corporate managers so they know where they have problem stores that need the attention of operations and merchandising managers.

But more importantly – we know where every item is and whether it is in stock or out of stock. And we can improve your customer service by feeding that information directly to your MyRetailer app so that your customers can find it. Oh, and when Navii is not scanning the store it can answer questions about where to find items directly on its kick like screen so it is a mobile kiosk thus improving customer service even more and engaging with customers in the store.

Could you do more to ensure your customers are continually satisfied? Navii, and our other Fellow Solutions are the best retail product management tools on the market today. And early adopters have the chance to impress their clients by offering them a convenient, novel, cutting-edge experience that very few other companies provide. Do you want to learn more about how this inventory management robot can improve your customer retention and reputation? And how it helps prevent you from losing sales due to stockouts, bad price tags, and staff who can’t find items outside their main department? Contact us today to learn more!

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