Inventory Control

Retail Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Retail

machine learning retail supply chain

How Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing the Retail Supply Chain When a customer visits a retail location, they have no idea the science behind stocking the shelves and ordering products. Optimizing the retail supply chain can be difficult. With so many moving parts and products moving so rapidly, managing the supply chain is like hearding cats.…

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Improving Customer Service

At Fellow Robots, we know the future of retail is here. And we know that the future is fine with leaving your business behind. Since the year 2015, 57 retailers have gone bankrupt. And consumer retailer M & A convergence and consolidation deals in the last three years have topped one trillion US dollars! This…

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The future of retail includes Machine Learning

revolutionizing retail using machine learn gin and artificial intelligence

At Fellow Robots, we know the future of retail is here. and we are active partners in reimagining and revolutionizing retail. And we know that the future has no issue in leaving your business behind. Since 2015, 57 retailers have gone bankrupt. And consumer retailer M&A convergence and consolidation deals in the last three years…

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Customer Service for Retailers

customer service

Talk to retailers today, especially supermarket retailers and big-box retailers. They are likely to talk to you about “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS), click and connect and delivery.  A few years ago, it was self-checkout and kiosks. Is this what customer service for retailers means?  Finding new technology to provide services to ever…

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Retail Pricing Problem and Customer Satisfaction

Retail Pricing Problems

In the last few blog posts, we’ve discussed how stockouts and a lack of available staff impact your customers’ satisfaction. It also affect’s their ability to buy your products. And the likelihood of returning to your store. Today, we’re going to address another problem. Something that often prevents customers from making purchases and staying loyal…

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The benefits of improving On Shelf Availability (OSA)

on shelf availability

Today, the marketplace is highly competitive and consumer-driven. Improving your customers’ user experience is a high priority. If their experience is consistently negative, they have a plethora of options to choose from. And some customers will abandon your store permanently. One of the most significant factors that influence your shoppers’ experience is their ability to…

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Out-of-Stock: Prediction and Prevention for retailers

out of stock

When customers discover that the item they wanted to buy from your store is out-of-stock, their response can range. They may buy a similar item. Or they may leave your store forever, unsure if they will ever return. Even worse, they could leave a negative review of your business online. Out-of-Stock (OOS) Can Cost You…

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How to Make Order Fulfillment Easier

order fulfillment

For many brick-and-mortar retailers, meeting their order fulfillment through the internet and phone is a great opportunity to make additional sales. It’s also a challenge. And unfortunately can cause clients to never want to shop with you again if they have a bad experience. All too often, purchases aren’t accurately recorded in the retail product…

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Retail Inventory Management

retail inventory management

Retail Inventory Management Today Fellow Robots has spent years developing the next step in retail inventory management.  For years retailers have struggled to solve the problems of reach – that is when you can no longer reach out and touch the people that you are supervising or selling to, it becomes more and more difficult to…

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