About Fellow Robots


Fellow Inc. TM was founded in 2011 is a privately-owned Delaware Corporation with Headquarters in Burlingame, CA. Supported by venture funding of well-known reputable investors, Fellow has worked with multiple Fortune 100 companies since its early years. Fellow has opened new markets through developing and deploying its cutting-edge technology products in AI, Robotics, Computer Vision and IoT.

Fellow has received numerous coverages by major media outlets around the world for its pioneer work in robotics, automation, technology and its contribution to the industry.  Fellow works and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world.

IOT and machine learning

Fellow operates in the US and designs and develops cutting-edge core technologies and builds products by working with key manufacturing partners through strategic relationships. Fellow has multiple national and international patents granted and pending for its technologies. Our development process is agile, collaboratively driven by each customer partner project. And Fellow's robots have been deployed for inventory management in multiple accounts throughout the United States.


Our bots have completely shifted the consumer experience – as they can assist those customers who avoid employee interaction, as well as take care of day to day store activity, allowing sore employees to focus on customer satisfaction. Through machine learning and AI, our bots are continually mastering a plethora of common retail headaches:

  • Out-of-stock issues (including low inventories and products that are in stock but not re-shelved)
  • Planogram compliance
  • Pricing errors
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Fellow works with business stakeholders to create pivotal changes in the client's business.  As an outside entity, Fellow does not conform with the not invented here bias of internal resources. If your business wants to pivot to a new direction because of outside market forces, Fellows processes enable transformational change.

We facilitate Industry 4.0 0ur agile methodology is ideal at finding ways of bringing new technology to solve business problems. We bring our expertise in robotics, IoT, machine learning and data science and we ask tough questions and provide creative ways for establishing breakthrough benefits.

We begin in a lab session and work directly with business users to validate our approach and then we move to a pilot implementation to prove the benefits and return that we can help you implement. Then we work with your team to provide it in the lab before moving to a test project.  We work best with large companies that are looking to innovate and make a big impact.